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Your First Visit


At InBody Chiropractic, my goal is your health. On your first visit, I want to learn about you and your specific needs so that I may create a custom care plan to get you back to your busy life.

I begin with your patient history and background information to lay the foundation for your care. 

The second step is to move on to your chiropractic exam, including range of motion of the affected region and any muscle tenderness.  During this appointment, the I will review your findings from your examination. 

Once the diagnosis is established, a treatment plan will be created that best suits your needs and estimate the time needed to get you to the wellness stage of chiropractic.

This plan can include everything ranging from chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy and physical conditioning. You will most likely receive your first adjustment that day.  It is my goal to see you live a lifestyle of health and wellness. I am committed to providing you with the best chiropractic care possible.

You will need to commit about 60-90 minutes for your first appointment.

Quality care cannot be rushed.

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